Screen printing

There are several types of screen printing: simple logo printing, gold ink printing, continuous pattern printing (all over print).
Other personalization options include foil transfer, digital printing, embroidery and labeling.


screen printing

1 or 2-color high definition screen printing on 1 or 2 sides is the most common printing method to personalise your fabric packaging (pouch, tote bag, backpack).

1 color screen printing
2 colors screen printing
gold screen printing

Screen printing also allows printing with gold ink. Depending on the fabric, the rendering will be more or less brilliant. A fabric like Bamatex microfiber (suede) or 83 (satin) will bring the best result of shine.

gold ink screen printing
all over print

All over print is a print composed of a design that is repeated across the entire surface of the fabric.
– avoids seam shrinkage
– interesting solution for a range of different size bags.
– a personalised marking can be added with screen printing
– a minimal fabric quantity is required

all over printing
false all over printing

Please note
In the online price quote request form, the suggested form of printing is 1 or 2-color screen printing.
If you prefer another type of printing, you can specify that request in the « additional information » field at the bottom of the form.