After the tote bag, Créabox now offers light backpacks.
As for the bags, the backpack is made to your dimensions and personalized with your colors.
Orders begin at 300 units.


The backpack is made like a pouch with the same fabrics: cotton, organic cotton, recycled cottons, jutelinenmicrofibers and non-woven.
It is the assembly of the cord that makes the difference: it passes through the spikes at the base of the bag to form straps.
The backpack is machine sewn and can be personalized with your logo in one or two colors on the main side.


This is a lightweight backpack – it is not a sports bag (climbing, hiking, etc.) – that will effectively replace the plastic store bag.
In the store, it is ideal for storing purchases such as sweaters or polo shirts, lingerie, books, leisure items or even to take a gourmet break.
Its practicality, its realization make it a very good communication tool.


These are the same as for the pouches: there are no real constraints.
It seems reasonable to recommend a minimum size of 20 cm wide x 20 cm high and a maximum of 70 cm wide x 70 cm high so that the backpack can be worn… on the back.
The choice is wide: natural fabrics, synthetic fabrics, recycled fabrics available in the colors of the charts or dyed to the Pantone reference if the quantity is there.
A large choice of cords is possible for the material (braided PP, polyester, cotton) as well as for the diameter or its color.
screen printing of the logo in 1 or 2 colors
embroidery of the logo in 1 or 2 colors (specific quantity required)
– installation of an interior or exterior label
– installation of eyelet for the passage of the cord