Bottle bag

A bottle, a pouch, a fabric bag!
Here is an original packaging to present your nectar whether it is wine of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, etc. or spirits such as cognac, vodka or whisky for example. The fabric pouch advantageously replaces the traditional cardboard case in its way of presenting your bottle.

Marketing Advantage: Because the pouch is reusable, it’s perfect for long-term brand communication.

This pouch, like all the others, is made to measure and is fully personalized. it fits perfectly to the size and shape of your bottle.
bag for a Champagne box set - 26x46 cm

Two-in-one pouch-bag

An original package that combines the advantages of a pouch with those of a shopping bag: closes like a pouch, carries like a bag.
See the 2-in-1 pouch bag