Next to natural fabrics (cotton fabrics, jute) there are many synthetic fabrics that offer technical characteristics and aspects that differ greatly. These fabrics are made from synthetic fibers derived from petroleum-based chemicals, such as polypropylene and polyester.
These are microfibers with a wide range of characteristics: satin-like, velvety or suede-like, thin or thick. These fabrics provide different touches that harmonize perfectly to highlight your products, such as champagne bottles, fine shoes or jewelry.

Créabox also offers cottons, organic cottonrecycled cottonsjutelinen and other recycled fabrics.

Bamatex® microfiber

A fine, soft, quality microfiber that has a « suede «  feel. This fabric is available in some 30 colors.
It has a Catana recycled equivalent.

Esmirna® microfiber

A slightly thicker microfiber than the Bamatex® with the same « peach fuzz » aspect on the right side and a very smooth « silk » feel on the underside. This Esmirna microfiber is thus considered to be of a higher quality that the Bamatex® microfiber. It is available in many colors.

Grenoble® microfiber

A thick and soft microfiber with a velvet feel. Perfect for top of the line displays and fragile products.  This fabric is available in about 40 colors.

83 microfiber

A light microfiber as its name (83g) indicates ; it’s thin and soft to the touch, much like silk or satin, which it can easily replace. This fabric is available in some 16 colors.
Its recycled equivalents are Gentil® et Castell®.

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