A label is another option to personalize your bag. It can be sewn inside or outside the bag.
You can mention the fabric type, « made in… ,» a reference code (barcode, QR code,) etc. It is also a unique way to highlight your brand (leather label.)

brand label, country label
– fabric
– it is usually attached on the outside, vertically or horizontally
– personalized print (1, 2 colors, 4-color process printing)
– custom sizes

leather label
– sewn on the main surface of the bag
– personalized with your logotype
– custom sizes
– custom shapes: square, rhombus, rectangle…

barcode label
– fabric
– most often sewn on the outside
– enables one to identify product
– custom sizes

composition label
– fabric
– sewn inside the bag
– 1-color writing
– custom sizes (most frequently 20 x 30 mm)

Please note
In the online price quote request form, the label is optional.
You must request it in the « additional information » field at the bottom of the form.