Cord closure

1 or 2 cords
The drawstring cord is the most common system to close your pouch or dust bag. First there is the 1-drawstring fastening which requires that one hold the bag in one hand and pull the drawstring with the other : this option is best-suited to small bags. Then, there is the 2-drawstring cord fastening which is easily closed by pulling on each drawstring.

The end of the drawstring cord is often a simple knot. Upon request, an accessory such as a transparent tip and/or a cord lock. 

Créabox pochon fermeture par cordon

Color of the cord
Each cord quality has its own color chart and is manufactured to order. For a particular shade of cord, simply indicate the desired Pantone reference and the cord will be produced in that shade.

The colored cord is made from a white or black core, which provides shape and rigidity; the dyed trim threads surround this base and create the final cord.
For a fully dyed cord (core and covering thread) a large length is required.

Polypropylene braided cord
This is the cheapest drawstring cord with a limited range of colors (black, white, red, light gray, brown, navy blue and unbleached (ecru,) with a 2 to 3 mm diameter.


Polyester cord
This is the most common cord, offering good value for money. Several diameters are available, starting at 3 mm. Available in 50 colors.

Cotton cord
Made from natural cotton thread, it is of a higher quality but with a choice of almost 26 colors. The most common diameters are 4 and 5 mm.
Cotton cord is also available in a waxed version, giving it greater rigidity.

Rat tail cord
Tightly woven fine threads give this cord its distinctive appearance and relative rigidity, reminiscent of a rat’s tail… hence the name. This cord is available in some fifty colors.

Flat cord
Flat cord is a variant of round cord, made from polyester or cotton yarns. The width used is usually 3 or 5 mm.If you require this type of cord, please specify it in the “additional information” field at the end of the price request form.

Twisted cord
Twisted cord is another variant of round cord. Like other cords, it can be made to measure in several diameters.If you require this type of cord, please specify it in the “additional information” field at the end of the price request form.

Please note
You can choose the cord quality and color on the price request form.
If you would like a particular cord, please specify so in the « additional information » field at the bottom of the online request form