Organic cotton fabrics

In addition to cotton, a natural plant fiber, Créabox offers GOTS-certified organic cotton fabrics for the manufacture of pouches, shopping bags and backpacks.
GOTS certified organic cottons exist in several weaves and weights; they are most often ecru (the natural color of cotton).

Créabox also offers cotton fabrics, natural fabrics (linen, jute) and recycled fabrics.

Good to know
Organic cottons are naturally ecru in color. They can be dyed on demand* with REACH certified inks.

*A minimum quantity is required depending on the size of the bags, for example :
– for a shoe bag of 27 x 37 cm, the minimum quantity is about 2000 pieces
– for a 10 x 10 cm jewelry bag, the minimum quantity will be about 20,000 pieces.

Flat organic cotton

GOTS certified organic flat cotton: in 160 g; its traceability is guaranteed by the coton producer to the weaver. This quality exists in flat cotton

Transparent organic cotton

GOTS certified organic cotton “voile”: in 75g, a fine mesh cotton gauze, as fine as a voile; available in white, ecru and black. This quality exists in gauze cotton

Organic cotton twill

GOTS certified organic cotton twill: in 200 g, has the same characteristics as certified flat cotton. Its traceability is guaranteed by the coton producer to the weaver. A special weaving gives it its strength and thickness. It’s hard-wearing! This quality exists in cotton twill and has an equivalent in recycled fabric: Brandon.

Organic cotton piqué

GOTS certified organic cotton piqué: in 240 g, Another type of weave that gives the fabric a certain stiffness, a look similar to that of sailcloth. It is available in unbleached (ecru,) white and black. This fabric allows making strong, resistant bags.

Good to know
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