Many fabrics are used to manufacture bags and protective covers.

It is a plain weave fabric, and various weights are offered:

  • cotton (100% cotton) in 160 g/m²: the most common, very good quality/price compromise ; some thirty dye colors are available
  • industrial cotton (50% cotton / 50% polyester) in 110 g/m²: economical, it’s used for very large orders with a budget; available in black and white, but can be dyed upon request
  • muslin cotton (100% cotton) in 90 g/m²: the loose weave gives it some transparence; available in white and off-white (raw)

Brushed cotton
Made from cotton: during the process of creating the fabric, the cotton is brushed on the face side to give a soft smooth finish. This brushed cotton is most commonly used in the shoe industry:

Twill cotton
This fabric is tightly woven and has a rich texture (it holds well):

  • 100% cotton twill in 200 g/m²: available in white and off-white (raw) and can be dyed upon request
  • 100% cotton twill in 240 g/m²: available in white and off-white (raw) and can be dyed upon request

Non woven fabric
This very economical non woven synthetic fabric is available in various fabric weights and colors:

This high quality synthetic fabric is in the microfiber family:

Good to know: most of these fabrics can be dyed according to your Pantone® reference. The smallest necessary quantity is a 300×1.60 meter roll of fabric, allowing for approximately 2,000 shoe bags (27×37 cm) or 15,000 jewelry bags (10×10 cm).