In this page you will find a non-exhaustive list of fabrics that we offer for the manufacture of pouches, dust bag, tote bag, bag and backpack.

The fabrics are divided into three main families:
– natural fabrics: cottons, organic cotton, recycled cotton, jute and linen
– synthetic fabrics: microfibers, non-woven fabric
recycled fabrics from plastics recovered from the sea

All these fabrics are available in several colors and are dyed on demand at the Pantone® reference from 300 of linear meter fabric.

Natural fabrics : cottons, organic cotton, jute

A wide range of cotton fabrics in several weaves and grammages:
– flat cotton 110g, 160g* and 180g (* most common)
– brushed (flannel) cotton on 1 side* or 2 sides (* most used for footwear and leather goods)
– clear cotton 75g veil
– twill cotton 200g and 240g
– reps cotton 180g (recommended for tote bag)
– quilted cotton 240g (if looking for strength)

All these qualities exist in different colors: cotton color charts.

Organic cotton
Organic cottons are GOTS certified and come in a few weaves and grammages: flat 160g, twill 200g, quilted 240g and veil 75g.
Ecru is the natural shade of cotton. They are tinted on demand at the Pantone® reference from 300 of linear meter fabric.

Burlap (jute)
Jute is a rustic fabric in which we make pouches and tote bags. The fabric is available in natural color and in several others colors.

Linen (flax)
The linen fiber, produced in Europe, is woven in Spain. It is Masters of Linen® and European flax® certified. The linen fabric is available in 23 colors.

Synthetic fabrics : microfibers, non woven

Several quality microfibers with various aspects and affected.
– Bamatex® microfiber, peach (suede) skin apparence
– Esmirna® microfiber, outer side “peach skin, inner side as soft as silk
– Grenoble® microfiber, thick and velvet soft
– 83 microfiber, fine and satin soft
Like other fabrics, microfibres come in many colours.

Non woven fabric
The non-woven fabric is the most economical, it comes in several grammages from 15g to 100g but the most commonly used is the 60g. And many colors are available.

Recycled fabrics

Recycled fabrics

Based on plastic waste recovered at sea or from other sources of plastic waste several recycled polyester fabrics are offered. They are GRS certified and for some Seaqual.
– recycled Lona Undersea, 215g, very fine piqué weave
– recycled Pique Seabottle, 200g looks like a 180g flat cotton
– recycled Recycled Suede, 150g, a very soft touch like Bamatex but thinner

These fabrics are available in almost twenty colors each.


Good to know
In the “additional information” field, at the botton of the price request online form, you can ask for a specific request like a specific fabric.