Manufacturing principle
The pouch is made from a fabric cut to size that is then printed and sewn. Then the cord or tape is inserted into the hem provided for this purpose.

Your pouch is always machine-sewn (no gluing!), closed with a drawstring, ribbon or simple flap. It’s personalized with your logo.

Elements of the pouch
The different elements that make up the pouch are:
– fabrics: cottons, organic cotton, jute, microfibres
– closing mode: cord, ribbon, flap
customization by printing
label customization
the accessories

Benefits of our semi-automated organization
– Artisanal by the flexibility of adaptation to the customer’s request by offering a 100% custom product, by the wide choice of dimensions: widths from 8 to 70 cm, height from 10 to 200 cm, our limit: those imposed by the machines
– Industrial by the rigour of manufacturing and the production capacity that ranges from small series from 1000 pieces to average series from 5000 to 20000 pieces to large series from 50000 to more than 100000 units.
– Artisan and Industrial through our precise and continuous support throughout the development and execution of your project.

It’s an industrial craftsmanship.

All sectors of activity use pouches, for example: the footwear sector, jewellery, leather goods, sports and games, beverages, hotels, industry, communication, etc.

– pouches such as totes or backpacks are good communication tools as they are packages that are stored and reused (often unexpectedly) by your customer.
– pouches such as totes or backpacks are products of today, adapted to a sustainable and eco-responsible approach; they allow many reuses and are recycled at the end of life.