Certification of raw materials used to make the bags and covers meets the European Union standards– no more and no less.

GOTS certification
Many cottons fabrics are organic and GOTS certified, they are naturally unbleached because they have not undergone any treatment to dye them.
This has been the world standard since 2002 for textiles made from organic fibers.
More information by following the link : GOTS

OEKO-TEX certification
This OEKO-TEX certification applies as soon as the GOTS certified organic fabric is dyed. This applies to all colors: white, black and all shades of the color charts or Pantone® reference. (The natural color of cotton is unbleached (ecru).
Oeko-Tex is a quality label comprising several technical standards, aiming to certify the sanitary and ecological qualities of textiles and leathers, by guaranteeing the absence of toxic products for the body and the environment. More information by following this link: OEKO-TEX

GRS certification
These recycled fabrics, offered by Créabox, are made in Spain from recycled plastics (mainly PET) and are GRS certified.
This international standard, established in 2008, is a voluntary product standard for tracking and verifying the content of recycled materials in recycled fabrics.
More information by following this link: GRS

Vegan certification
Among the recycled fabrics offered, one has the particularity to be also certified Vegan by the organization Inescop. More information by following this link: Inescop-Vegan