Prices – Pricing policy

1/ Créabox is not a distributor, has neither inventory nor preset prices.
2/ With our Spanish associate partner, we do, however, manufacture custom, personalized fabric bags, covers, tote bag and light backpack on demand.
3/ We manufacture our products in Spain exclusively, in the heart of western Europe.
4/ The minimum order quantity is 1000 units for pouches and 300 units for tote bags and backpaccks. This amount is indicative as it may increase based on the specifications of the bag.

Various criteria are necessary to determine the price of your bag or cover; the more precise your request, the more accurate the price will be and the faster you will receive our price quote.
By using the online price quote request form you are guaranteed to not forget anything.

List of criteria necessary to determine pricing
– fabric selection: cotton, brushed cotton, cotton twill, organic cotton, microfibers, non woven fabric
– fastening and closure options: cord, ribbon, flap
size in centimeters (cm): width × height (sorry but the form does not take inches!)
screen printing: 1 or 2 colors on 1 or 2 face sides
– minimum order quantity for bags: 1,000 units
– minimum order quantity for tote bags and backpack: 300 units
– optimal minimum order quantity: 5,000 units
– programmable annual delivery schedule, for example: 100,000 ordered bags per year shipped at a rate of 10 000 per month
– standard factory palletization: this is the optimal packing and volume conditioning to guarantee the best shipping price
– specific palletization: please indicate your labeling, packing, pallet format, etc. requests
– delivery address: the shipping price is not the same for Paris, Marseille or Brest. Nor is it the same for  London, Brussels, New York or Mexico!

Online price request form
Three easy and practical online forms are at your disposal.
bag price request form
tote bag request form
backpack request form

You can specify all your bag, cover, tote bag and backpack requests and type in your contact information.
Using these is a time-saver for both of us and allows us to not leave anything out when calculating your price quote.

Please note
At the bottom of each price quote request form, the « additional information » field allows you to add a comment, ask for a label to be sewn on or an accessory, to request various formats or a special fabric

Simple procedure
1/ fill out your price quote request form online
2/ the technical department will calculate the price of your desired packaging and
3/ send you a detailed price quote

about “Standards”
There are no standards for fabric bags, tote bag or backpack as their manufacturing is 100% customized.

Some sizes, however, are ordered more frequently than others, based on the industry.
– jewelry: 10×10 cm and 10×15 cm 
– shoes: 27×37 cm and 18×37 cm
– (small) leather goods: 15×20 cm and 20×25 cm
– (big) leather goods: 40×40 cm and 60×60 cm