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About Créabox

In Spain (EU), close to Albacete is where the manufacturing workshop is located.

NO! All our bags and covers are manufactured in the Spanish workshop. Our products are entirely made in Europe.

NO! We only manufacture custom and personalized bags, covers, totes and backpack on demand.

Yes! Conceiving and manufacturing custom bags, covers, totes and backpack most adapted to your needs is our specialty.

Yes! We screen print in 1 or 2 colors on 1 or 2 face sides. Other personalized options are digital print, embroidery or sewing your desired tag or label.
We dye our fabrics to your desired tint if the minimum quantity requirement is met.

Simply by using the contact form or by calling us. Please go to our contact info page.
And for the price quotes, go to the following page: price quote request forms.

We don’t have a catalog or preset prices as we only make your orders custom and upon request.
By following the links below, you will find a wealth of information to help you:
choose a fabric
choose a fabric color
choose a customization

And now, you can use the price quote request

Quality and certification

The manufacturing workshop has its own internal production quality control process that guarantees customer specifications and manufacturing compliance.

Yes and no; this depends on the fabric and fastening materials selected. Cotton is more easily recyclable than a synthetic fabric.

Yes we work with many companies in the food industry (beverages, candy, chocolate, frozen foods, …) and other industries (shoes, jewelry, games, sporting goods, …).
We also ask that the food products be pre-wrapped. The manufacturing workshop is not equipped with « clean rooms. »

Prices – Pricing policy

By simply clicking on the online price quote request forms.
If you encoutner any difficulties, please call us or contact us through our website here contact info page.

If your bag or cover is really “off-the-wall” and cannot be expressed through our price quote online form, contact us by telephone or e-mail through our contact info page.

Your packaging is custom and personalized, thus different from that of another customer (size, number of screen printing colors, finishing details, quantity, etc.).  Our technical department will quickly calculate the best price based on your specifications and e-mail it to you.

Technical fees are for the various technical elements necessary to manufacture your bag. They are basically made up of:
– the screen printing and embroidery process: preparing the graphic file, validating the file, the screen printing screen(s), the digital programming for the embroidery and
– the model made to validate concept and design, sizes and materials.

These technical fees should be considered a 1-time cost and/or an investment. You only pay them once, regardless of the number of bags you produce.
However, if the bag or the graphic elements change for a new order, these fees will be invoiced again as the manufacturing tools will have to be made again.

No! We thank you for using the price quote request forms, so as to not omit any specifications essential to calculating a price.
If you encounter any difficulties, please call us or contact us through our website here contact info page.

Sales conditions and delivery

For metropolitan France and bordering countries, the bags are usually shipped every Friday for a delivery the following week.
For all other countries and overseas France, the delivery time will depend on your preferred shipping method.

You can only pay by check if your company is registered in metropolitan France.

However, this method of payment is outdated and causes delays in production and delivery.   Upon receipt of your check, we deposit it and have to wait the standard 12 days for the bank to cash it. It is only after this delay that we can start production. This is why we recommend that you pay by bank wire transfer.

Yes! This is the best payment method as it is simple and quick. This is also the only possible payment method if the manufacturing workshop must bill you directly.

Yes! This guarantee is provided by the credit-insurance company that does a credit check for each customer. The payment terms will be defined according to the guarantee provided.
For first-time orders however, a down payment will be required.


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