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fabric bag : price quote request

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BAG -- Choosing the fabric

–> Cotton color chart

–> Brushed cotton color chart

–> Non woved fabric color chart

–> Microfiber Bamatex color chart

BAG -- Use

BAG -- Size

Provide the desired bag size in CM only (Sorry but the form does not take inches)
(minimum 10 cm, maximum 60 cm)

    Hauteur :

  • Always include the fastening
  • Add 2cm for a cord fastening
  • Add +1cm to the width of the ribbon for a ribbon fastening
    Bag with flap fastening :

  • 15cm minimum for width and height
  • Approximately 1/3 of the bag height for a flap fastening

Dimensions du pochon

BAG -- cord, ribbon or flap fastening

simple corddouble cordsimple ribbondouble ribbonrounded flapsquare flap


–> Catalogue des couleurs de cordon (cord color chart)

3 mm6,5 mm8 mm11 mm15 mm25 mm39 mm50 mm66 mm


–> Catalogue des couleurs de ruban en satin (satin ribbon color chart)

BAG -- Screen printing

You will be able to add a file when you provide your contact information on page 2 of this form.

no print1 color2 colors

BAG -- Quantity

The smallest manufacturing order possible is 1,000 units; this quantity may increase based on certain specifications./p>

You can request a price quote for 1, 2 or 3 different order quantities.

BAG -- Packaging and shipping

The standard factory packaging (proposed by default) allows the most economical mode of transport because it optimizes the volume of the truck. These are European pallets 2m/2.20m in height (or 2 small double-stacked pallets). The boxes are either cardboard boxes or cartons and the pallets are loaded onto a semi-truck for delivery.

Special packaging will depend on your storage requirements. Please provide us with specific measurements for your desired pallet height, the number of boxes/cartons per pallet, labeling, etc.

Factory standardSpecial packaging


You must have a loading dock or other adequate means to receive goods. If this is not the case, you must already plan for delivery on a truck with a loading tailgate. If the delivery company cannot deliver the goods upon arrival, you will be charged extra.

BAG-- Additional information

Please provide any additional information below. (10 to 500 characters).

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