Your bag or cover can be fastened with a cord, ribbon or flap. Some special uses ask for an unfastened bag.
Your bag is machine-sewn (zero glue!), closable with a cord, ribbon or simple flap and customizable with your logo.

There are many types of cords: flat, round, waxed, cotton or synthetic:

  • Ø 2mm polypropylene braided cord: the most economical in a restricted color range (black, white, red, light grey, brown, navy and off-white/raw)
  • flat or round polyester cord: the most common, good quality/price ratio, with some 50 available colors
  • flat or round waxed cotton cord: higher quality with a more restrictive color range than the polyester cord

Can be made in various widths (from 3 to 66 millimeters) and printed with your brand starting at a length of 3000 meters:

  • satin ribbon: the width will depend on your bag size, with 70 available colors to match your fabric color

Original and economical solution to fasten your bag:

  • square flap: same width as the bag, you determine the height – it is traditionally between 1/4 and 1/3 of the total bag height
  • round flap: short and rounded flap measuring approximately 9 cm for a 37 cm-high bag – it is rarely longer